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The Roxy Theater is owned and operated by the Fire Mountain Arts Council, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dependent upon our donors and volunteers. Donations are tax deductible.

Since funding for arts education in our schools and cultural opportunities in our communities have declined, Fire Mountain Arts Council has been able to grow and serve an expanding audience that is eager for more! The generosity of our sponsors is critical for quality programming, continued theater operation, and scholarships.



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For $50 annually (July 1-June 30), each member will receive 2 ticket vouchers (or 4 ticket vouchers for two/couple at $100) valued up to $10 each to any Roxy Theater/Fire Mountain Arts Council event and an invitation to Member Appreciation Night.

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For $50 annually (July 1-June 30), each member will receive 2 ticket vouchers to any Roxy Theater/Fire Mountain Arts Council event and an invitation to Member Appreciation Night.

Sponsor A Seat



A plaque with your name will be placed on either a heritage or a modern theater seat.

Sustaining Patron



Patron’s will receive recognition in the Roxy lobby, website, and Roxy PowerPoint and that good feeling of making a big difference

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Thank you to our Donors

2020-2021 Grantors

$13,230 – Lewis County Lodging Tax Funds
to be used for marketing and visitor information services

$5,000 – Community Foundation of South Puget Sound to be used for OnStage Youth Theatre Education Program

$5,000 – Dawkins Charitable Trust to be used for OnStage Youth Theatre Education Program

$811 + $1650 carried over from 2020 – City of Morton Lodging Tax Funds to be used for marketing

$14,000 – Washington State Arts Commission and National Endowment for the Art
CARES Relief Funds for operational costs during COVID

$19,500 – Lewis County Works Non-Profit grant and Lewis County with the Economic Development Council CARES Relief Funds for operational costs during COVID

$3,500 – City of Morton CARES Relief Funds for operational costs during COVID

$811 + $1650 carried over from 2020 – City of Morton Lodging Tax Funds to be used for marketing

2020 Members of Fire Mountain Arts Council

Donna Armstrong
Amanda Arroyo
Elise Arseneau
John Arseneau
Robert Aydelott
Sally Baker
Bill Barker
Marge Barker
Sam Benowitz
Claire Berg
Al Bergstein
Valerie Bickell
Geraldine Bilyeu
Lynn Bishop
Sandy Bright
Edwin Brown
Bob Callison
Cecelia Callison
Vann Cantin
Beth Caskey
Steve Caskey
Christine Castro
Harold Cooper
Dennis Degener
Penny Degener
Lauri Dennis
Brian Donner
Gaylene Donner
April Doolittle
Tom Doolittle
Ann Dow
Dan Dow
Jason Eck
Ricky Emerson
Barbara Fanelli
Martin Fanelli
Joe Fenbert
Roanne Fenbert
Anita Field
Louise Fisher
Marc Fisher
Ann Marie Forsman
Martin Fortin
Susan Fortin
Solomon Gseis
Michael Goodrich
Russ Goodwin
Christie Greiter
Eric Greiter
Genny Greiter
Carol Guenther
Frank Guenther
Harold Gunderson
Hope Gunderson
Jay Henderson
Kip Henderson
Sheri Hendricks
Charles Hendrickson
Sharlotte Hendrickson
Maxine Herron
Bob Holland
Martha Holland
James Howard
Ben Hutchison
Betty Hutchison
Diane Hutchison
Phyllis Idler
Erika Joeres-Broska
Chris Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Bud Jones
Budd Jones
Delores Jones
Ross Jones
Richard Kain
Brad Klein
Dorothy Klein
William Klein
Marian Kratzer


Rhonda Krolczyk
Bob Leitner
Toni Leitner
Cathy Lilienthel
Mark Limbocker
Michel Limbocker
Bill Little
Blanton’s Market
Ruth Martin
Dale McBeth
Cheryl Meeks
Marilyn Mierke
John Miller
Nancy Miller
Carolyn Mullenix
John Mullenix
Victoria Nanney
Kristi Norelius
Stanley Oil Co
Lynne Olmos
Donna Olson
Cindy Palm
Geneva Partridge
Kathy Purdy
Ellie Randall
Mountain Valley Real Estate
Paulette Redick
Don Rich
Nyla Rich
Lila Rieper
Bruce Roberts
Judy Roberts
Steve Roberts
Judith Rockwell
Marie Roe
Mandy Ross
Donna Ruby
Charles Russell
Jeanne Russell
Joanne Schwartz
Fred Schwindt
Peter Schwindt
Clinton Scogin
Jessica Scogin
Pat Siesser
Floyd Smith
Raquel Smith
Rosalie Smith
Rod’s Tire Source
Shirley Starr
Rebecca Starr-Justice
Amy Stoner
Martha Sturgeon
Terry Sturgeon
Margaret Sundstrom
Jennifer Troxel
LaVerne Troxel
John Urbas
Patty Vance
Rory Vance
Jim VanCleve
Julie VanCleve
Marilyn Van Hook
Christine Voelker
Phil Voelker
Doug Walker
Jeannine Walker
Tina Walker
Kerry Webb
Robert Webb
Amanda West
Donny Wilhold
Frances Wood
Doris Wood-Brumsickle
Douglas Wright
Kelli Wright
Teri Wright
Sandra Zacher

Thank You!

Thank you to our 2019-2020 Donors

Sustaining Patrons ($1,000 or more)

Steven & Beth Caskey
John & Carolyn Mullenix
Amanda Ross
Fred Schwindt & April Doolittle
Belle Williams

Donors (*$250+, **$500+)

Amazon Smile
Robert & Edith Aydelott
Sally Baker
Sam Benowitz & Maida Richman
Valerie Bickell
Lynn Bishop
Cinnamon Black
Blanton’s Market
Edwin Brown*
Dave Bunting
Amanda Callison
Robert & Cecelia Callison
Centralia College Fund**
Janet Collier
Harold Cooper**
Gloria Cournyer
Ryan Dean*
Penny & Dennis Degner
Brandy DeMelt
Lauri Dennis
Judy DeVaul*
Tom Doolittle
Daniel & Ann Dow
Ricky Emerson
Sheryl Fairhart
Louise & Marc Fisher**
John Gaut
David & Tracy Germer
Adriane Goodwin
Christie Greiter & Dave Chambers**
Genevieve & Eric Greiter*
Annee Hilliard
Robert & Martha Holland
Betty Hutchison

Donors (*$250+, **$500+) Erika Joeres-Broska Buddy & Deborah King Brad Klein Brad Larsen Susan Larsen Robert & Antoinette Leitner* Poppy Louthan Toni Lowe Dale McBeth Stacy Millet Angela Morgan Lynda Nanney Kristine Norelius Paul & Lynne Olmos William & Donna Olson Geneva Partridge David Peckham The Rabbit Hole Curt Rich & Shiloh Reynolds* Judith Rockwell & John Miller Rod’s Tire Source* Donna Ruby Abram Schwindt Jessica Scogin Patricia Siesser* Sarah Simek Martha Sturgeon Chris Tichacek Tom & Jill Touse Ceila Valle-Olguin Jennine Walker* Sunny Weaver Kerry & Robert Webb** Doris Wood Frank & Linda Wood

Thank You!

And thank you to the many not named here but generously contributed anonymously, through Facebook, or for OnStage scholarships.

Thank you to our Donors- 2017-2018


Robert and Edith Aydelott
Phil Brooke
Edwin Brown
Terry and Barbara Burres
Chimis Mexican Restaurant
Michael and Lori Cournyer
Four U Realty/Mossyrock
Hugh and Maxine Herron
James and Dalean Howard
Betty Hutchison
Diane Hutchison
Judy’s Prime Kut
Richard Kain and Nancy Miller
Robert and Antoinette Leitner
Dean and Dorothy Lokken
Morton Medical Center
Mt Rainer Railroad
Trish Newton
Cynthia Palm
Geneva Partridge
J L Pearman
Elena Pedersen
Judy Pentecost
Judith Rockwell and John Miller
Rod’s Tire Source
Peter Schwindt and Susan Duncan
UBS Financial
Umpqua BankMany
many volunteers donating many hours!
Sustaining Patrons ($1,000 or more)

Steven and Beth Caskey Harold Cooper John and Carolyn Mullenix Fred Schwindt and April Doolittle Margaret Sundstrom and Bill Little