Fire Mountain Arts Council

Enriching our community life through the arts.

BCJ Gallery

Selling quality arts and crafts from regional artists.

Tiller Arts & Events Center

A beautiful venue for classes and events. Available for rent.

OnStage Youth Program

No matter how small you are, you can be part of something big!

The Roxy Theater

Experience the magic: live theatre, movies, concerts, and events!

Roxy Renovation Phase 2 with Energy Upgrades​

What we are about

The Fire Mountain Arts Council (FMAC) is proud to serve as the cornerstone for arts and culture in the small mountain community of Morton, Washington. FMAC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2003 to renovate the Roxy Theater. Dependent on donors, volunteers, and members, FMAC now creates and delivers extraordinary theatre and education programs, engaging community members and visitors. FMAC is proud to support three cultural venues: the Roxy Theater, BCJ Gallery and the Tiller Arts & Events Center.

How to get involved


There are many opportunities to get involved with your local theater and support your community!

Donate & Join

Become a member of Fire Mountain Arts Council and help enrich our community life through the arts.

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What to do

Come for the live theatre, movies, and events at the Roxy. Stay for all of the small-town charm East Lewis County has to offer.

Where to Stay

Make your stay memorable by discovering area lodging and more!

How to Get Here

Nestled between Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens, we welcome you to our part of the Cascade foothills.

Fire Mountain Arts Council Mission


  • Present theatre, movies, music, and other arts events.
  • Foster arts education for our youth.
  • Create an environment that nurtures local talent.
  • Feature our regional character.
  • Provide venues for the arts.
  • Stimulate economic growth.

Inclusion Statement

We believe in our community, and everyone is welcome at the Roxy Theater.

As active members of the theatre community, we value inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Theatre uses its art as a way to address profound truths and examine the human condition. We stand with the people of this community in solidarity for the rights of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) to be heard and treated with respect and dignity, and we will continue to uphold these principles.

As an organization, we are always learning; may we use these lessons to overcome our divisions and come together to enrich our community life through the arts using kindness, thoughtfulness, and love.

Fire Mountain Arts Council Board of Directors
June 19, 2020

Fire Mountain Arts Council is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Event Space for Rent

Right next to the historic Roxy Theater, the Tiller Arts & Events Center is a beautiful venue space for weddings, reunions, social events and meetings in the upstairs classic ballroom. The basement contains kitchen facilities and a costuming area for Roxy Theater performances. Contact us to find out more about renting this amazing event space. 


Most frequent questions and answers

The director most times will hand you selected pages from the play to be performed. You will be expected to read for several parts. Or…if you are familiar with the play, you can come prepared to perform a scene from the play.

There are many ways to volunteer.

  1. For a stage production, volunteers are needed for costuming, set building, lights and sound, backstage support, and ushering.  Contact the play director.
  2. For building maintenance and construction, from time to time, there are work parties needed to take care of repairs, painting, or minor remodeling.  Contact the President of FMAC.
  3. For movies, box office ticket and concessions sales.  Contact the movie manager.
  4. For marketing, graphic design, photography, distributing posters, help with mailings.  Contact the Secretary of FMAC.
  5. Apply to be a board member by contacting the Vice-president of FMAC.

Watch for audition announcements on, on the Roxy Theater Facebook page,  the OnStage Youth Theatre Education Program, in the local newspapers, and on the community electronic reader board. When and where will be announced.

Tickets to movies, concerts, and stage productions can be purchased here, in person at The BCJ Gallery, or at the ticket window at the Roxy.

The director’s contact information will be on the audition announcement. You can contact the director personally and ask if it is possible to schedule an alternative audition time.

he movie this week is here or you can call our landline at 360-496-0541.

Board of Directors

President: Jessica Scogin509-528-6809
Vice President: Kevin Downing541-414-9187
Treasurer: Fred Schwindt360-496-5599
Secretary: Louise Fisher360-496-3344/360-520-9637 

April Doolittle, 360-496-5599
Marty Fortin, 360-497-2068
Amber McKnight, 360-266-7963
Brad Nelson, 360-496-1244
Bruce Roberts, 360-497-3463/360-520-2800
Clint Scogin, 360-496-4487


233 W. Main
PO Box 781
Morton, WA 98356