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Roxy Renovation Phase 2 with Energy Upgrades

Fire Mountain Arts Council (FMAC) is in the midst of an ambitious, multi-faceted renovation to address urgent and long-needed improvements to the Roxy Theater.

These improvements will assure the long-term viability of the Roxy Theater and the capability of its programs to serve the community and its youth for decades to come and will help drive economic well-being of eastern Lewis County.

By November 1, 2023—with the support from generous donors, grantors and volunteers, and the work of excellent contractors—FMAC has accomplished the following:

  • Remodeled Roxy’s front entry with inviting, weather-sealed glass doors.
  • Replaced old halogen stage lighting with an energy-efficient LED system.
  • Removed old roof-mounted heat pumps and ductwork and installed an energy-efficient HVAC system with internal ducting, including ductless heat pumps for the projection room and stage.
  • Reroofed the Roxy, adding 2” rigid insulation and installing reflective vinyl roof membrane on the upper roof and double-layered, white touchdown on the lower roof.
  • Installed wainscoting, recycled from old-growth fir flooring from the Roxy’s original balcony, down 3/4 of the vomitorium.  More boards to come to finish this job.
  • Framed, roofed, sided, insulated, rough plumbed & wired, sheet rocked, and installed windows, sprinklers and DOAS systems in Roxy’s long-needed backstage/multi-purpose addition.

Now come the next steps:

  • Complete construction of the ADA-accessible backstage/multi-purpose addition.
  • Connect the new addition to the Tiller Arts Center via a covered breezeway.
  • Add exterior signage and artwork.

Construction of Roxy Theater Backstage/Multi-purpose Addition

Scope of work

Fire Mountain Arts Council Board of Directors approved the contract with KR Homes of Toledo, WA, for construction of the ADA-accessible addition to the south end of Roxy Theater: 2-stories, 2802 sq ft. The contract was signed by both parties on February 17, 2023.

The building permit was approved on March 17, 2023, and ground-breaking followed the next week. Check out progress in the photo gallery below.

The scope of the backstage/multi-purpose addition project includes, but is not to be limited to, the following, per plans and specifications (see links to these documents below):

  1. Site preparation
  2. Construction of:
    1. Foundation
    2. Concrete floor
    3. Framing and insulation
    4. Siding, windows, and doors, including new doors for entrances into the existing structure
    5. Roof:  white TPO on 2-story roof; double layer torch-down with white surface on one story
    6. Plumbing: one sink
    7. Electrical per code requirements and including, but not limited to, lighting over make-up counter
    8. Fire suppression system
    9. HVAC system
    10. Interior finish work, including, but not limited to, sink cabinet, make-up counter and under-stairway cupboards
  3. Required inspections

Support for Roxy Renovation Phase 2 with Energy Upgrades

The success of this project is a testament to the generous support from volunteers, donors and grantors


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